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Acklins and Crooked Islands was a district of the Bahamas until 1996, and as Acklins, Crooked Island and Long Cay until 1999.
It consisted of a group of islands lying in a shallow lagoon called the Bight of Acklins, of which the largest are Crooked Island in the north and Acklins in the south-east, and the smaller are Long Cay (once known as Fortune Island) in the north-west, and Castle Island in the south.

The islands were settled by American Loyalists in the late 1780s who set cotton plantations employing over 1,000 slaves. After the abolition of slavery in the British Empire these became uneconomical, and the replacement income from sponge diving has now dwindled as well. The inhabitants now live by fishing and small-scale farming.
The main town in the group is Colonel Hill on Crooked Island. Albert Town, on Long Cay, now sparsely populated, was once a prosperous little town. It was engaged in the sponge and salt industries and also served as a transfer port for stevedores seeking work on passing ships.
The population of Acklins was 428, and Crooked Island 350, at the 2000 census.

Since 1999, Acklins and Crooked Island are separate districts 

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Acklins Island Lodgelodging on Acklins Island: Acklins Island Lodge is a new lodge, seated on the largest and narrowest part of Acklins Island. The stunning outlook overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Bight of Acklins to the West. The lodge comprises of five little cabins, resembling a little village. There are three two-bedroom cabins, each with its own bathing tub, and all air conditioned. Each bedroom has two extra-long twin beds that can be made into a King if so desired.
Each bungalow has a deck opposite a stunning view. The major lodge has a large kitchen a seated and dining room, a bar and a large deck. Acklins Island Lodge has its own turn around osmosis water scheme so you can have saline -free wash rooms and new consuming water right from the tap.

Acklins Island Lodge / Mason's Bay / Acklins, The Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-3500 / Fax: 242-344-3501 |

Airport Inn - Acklins
Spring Point
Acklins, The Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-3600 / Mobile: 242-422-3500 
Bayfront Retreat - Crooked Island
Crooked Island, Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-2655 / Fax: 242-344-2528, 
Casuarinas Villas - Crooked Island
Colonel Hill, Crooked Island
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-2036 / Fax: 242-344-2525 
Frank & Ruth Guest House - Crooked Island
General Delivery, Landrail Point
Crooked Island, Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-2676, Nassau 242-361-4807 
Good Hope Lodge - Crooked Island
Colonel Hill, Crooked Island
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-2676 
Nai's Guest House - Acklins
P.O. Box CB-11629
Spring Point
Acklins, The Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-3089, 242-344-3310 
Sonsette Villas - Crooked Island
Colonel Hill, Crooked Island
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-2041 / Fax: 242-344-2525
Top Choice Bonefish Lodge - Ackins Island
P.O. Box N-8988, Nassau, Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-3628; 242-344-3530
Fax: c/o 242-344-3550 

Chesters Highway Bonefish Lodge and Inn - AcklinsChester's Highway Inn - Acklins brags of a breath-taking outlook of the promenade of the bone-fish. Guests relish the sea breeze while having morning serving of food or dinner.
The Bahamas and particularly Acklins loves worldwide good status as having the most comprehensive go by plane bone-fishing apartments in the world. Chester's Highway Inn suggests to persuade your games angling hunger.

Chester’s Highway Bonefish Lodge & Inn - Acklins
Chester’s Bay, Acklins
The Bahamas
Phone: 242-344-3114, 242-326-4660 / Fax: 242-356-0880, 242-361-3220 / 


Crook Island Lodge - BarCrooked Island is established in the farthest southeastern corner of the Bahamas and is really a attractive location to lay back and relax.  The Crooked Island Lodge has 12 air-conditioned visitor rooms established just steps from white sand sandy coastlines, a personal 3500’ runway and an authentic localized bistro where the personnel arranges fresh, locally caught grouper, snapper, tuna, mahi mahi, lobster and conch.

Crook Island Lodge
Pittstown Point Landings / Landrail Point
Crooked Island, The Bahamas
Phone 1.242.344.2507 / Fax 1.242.344.2573 /   


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