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Flights to the CaribbeanThe Caribbean islands are popular tourist destinations. Airlines have staked claim to certain routes from the United States and Europe. But smaller airlines with hubs on the islands themselves are also part of the mix. The mix of large legacy carriers and small regional carriers creates plenty of opportunities for travelers who want to plan the perfect flight to the Caribbean.

 Destinations and Times of Year

1. While major destinations in the Caribbean are connected with major U.S. cities by direct flights, many smaller islands cannot be reached without a connecting flight. Though the extra connection can affect the price of travel, regional airlines sometimes team with major airlines like American and Delta to provide cheaper connections. Flights are much more expensive during the winter "high season," when most tourists travel to the Caribbean. Low season travel (May through October or November) can lead to cheaper prices, but vacations during this season are sometimes marred by poor weather.

Choosing a Major Carrier and a Package Vacation
Travelers looking for a package deal will often find themselves flying on a major carrier like American Airlines, Continental or Delta. Though they may pay full price for their flight, travelers often receive a significant discount on their hotel (as much as 75% off). During the high season, major carriers will have competitive fares to major destinations. For example, American Airlines offers the cheapest flights  between Miami and Jamaica (averaging $250 round trip).

Choosing a Regional Airline

Regional carriers have a smaller share of the market, but they are able to offer cheaper prices and able to provide service to less-visited islands. Caribbean Airlines is one such carrier. Its service to Trinidad and Tobago is roughly half the price of a flight on a major carrier. In addition, code-sharing with other regional carriers allows it to offer cheaper connecting flights. For example, passengers can fly to Grenada via Trinidad on Liat Airlines for under $400. A similar flight on a major carrier would top $600.

Finding the Best Deals

# There are several places to look for special deals and promotions. The websites of regional carriers in the Caribbean often advertise special promotional fares. Provided a traveler can be flexible with departure dates, these are often the best deal. Also, certain smaller airlines are not listed on every one of the major booking sites (like Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz). It is best to check the prices on several of these sites to make sure you are getting the best deal.  

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