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St. James Parish Church

Built in 1847 the St.James Parish Church is one of the four oldest surviving churches in Barbados. The church is located near the site of the island's first settlement in Holetown on the west coast of the island. "God bless King William, 1696" is the inscription on a bell, In the southern porch of the church and it pre-dates the famous American Liberty bell by 54 years

St. James Parish Church | Holetown | St. James 


Christ Church Parish Church

The Christ Church Parish Church was built in 1935 on the site of four previous churches all of which were destroyed either by fire, hurricane or floods

Christ Church Parish Church
Church Hill
Christ Church 

Christ -Church _Parish _Church 

Sharon Moravian Church

The church was first built in 1799 but was destroyed in 1831 and then rebuilt to the original design in 1833. The church is a true landmark having not been altered since being built and shows 19th century architecture and also that of The Low Countries where Moravianism started.

Postal address :
    Sharon Moravian Church
    St. Thomas BB22136

Sharon _Moravian _Church 

St. John Parish Church

Built in 1836 as a replacement for the old structure hat was ravaged by hurricane, the church has a spectacular view of the eastern Barbados coast. A descendant of Constantine, Ferdinand Paleologus, is buried in the churchyard. In 1876 a chancel was also added to the church.

St. John Parish Church
Hackleton's Cliff
St. John 


St. Joseph Parish Church

The church was first built sometime before 1641 but was damaged by hurricane in 1789 before being completely destroyed by another hurricane in 1831. The present church was built some eight years later in1839 after a dispute over where the church should be built was finally settled.

St. Joseph Parish Church
Horse Hill
St. Joseph 

St_. Joseph_ Parish_ Church 

St.Lucy Parish Church

The first chuch structure was made of wood in 1627, followed by three other structures before the present building was built in 1837.

St.Lucy Parish Church
St. Lucy

St_Lucy _Parish -Church 

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral

The new cathedral was built in1899 after the old cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1897 after first being built 1848. The cathedral was consecrated on August 23 1903.

St. Patrick's Roan Catholic Cathedral
Bay Street
St. Michael

St_Patrick's_ Roman _Catholic_ Cathedral 

St. Peter Parish Church

The first church was built in 1629 and rebuilt in 1665. The present structure is Georgian style but has a square bell tower and was built in 1837

St. Peter Parish Church
St. Peter

St_Peter _Parish_ Church 

St. Philip Parish Church

Restored after being devastated by fire in 1977, the St. Phillip Parish Church is one of the most significant structures in the parish. First built in 1649 the church was rebuilt in 1786 and also in 1931 before the 1977 fire.

St. Philip Parish Church
St. Philip 

S_Philip_ Parish _Church 

St. Thomas Parish Church

Similar to many of the older churches on the island, the St. Thomas Parish Church was also destroyed by hurricane. The three destructions tool place in 1675, 1780 and 1831. The current church was constructed in 1836.

St. Thomas Parish Church
Highway 2A
St. Thomas 

St_Thomas_ Parish_ Church 

St. George Parish Church

The current church was built in 1784 which make this the oldest church on the island. The first church was destroyed by hurricane in 1780 and remarkably after the church was rebuilt it has withstood the test of time to this present day

St. George Parish Church
The Glebe
St. George

St._George_ Parish _ChurchSt_George_ Parish _Church_1 


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