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   Bob Marley Nine Mile- Where the Ledgent was Born

                                                                          Cedella Marley Booker

cedella marley 

Greetings visitors to our beautiful island, Thanks you for choosing Jamaica as you holiday destination I know that I speak for all Jamaicans in wishing you a wonderful holiday and would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to, come see, come be… with Bob Marley and his family at Nine Mile.

As many have found, a trip to Nine Mile renews faith in some of the important elements of life. Elements that constantly influenced my son Bob and can be heard in the lyrics of his songs.

Simple, yet sometimes forgotten daily activities such as maintaining two community spirits and a respect for nature are but two integral aspects of our village life. Aspects we invite you to experience.

I may, while in Jamaica and even after you have left our shores, that you be blessed with his majesty’s guidance and goodwill and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Cedella Marley Booker 

bod marley nine mile tours  One love, One heart, let’s get together and feel alright
Nine Mile is a quaint little village tucked away in the beautiful mountains of St. Ann, Jamaica.

It is here, on Feb. 6, 1945, the legendary ‘King of Reggae’ was born. And it is in this very same place that he was later laid to rest.

On reaching Nine Mile, you’ll experience the pleasant, friendly “vibes” that influenced Bob Marley to write lyrics for songs such as ‘One Love’ and ‘Three Little Birds’.

Come see Nine Mile is owned and operated by Bob’s Family. It is not unusual to find his mother, affectionately known as Mother B, personally greeting visitors, sometimes even being persuaded to relate stories of her son’s childhood. And, if not Mother B, there is always Uncle Lloyd who is never too far away or too busy to tell tales of young Nesta. 

Come be the actual tour starts with a walk through the very same house that Bob lived in as young boy (now a memorabilia and photo gallery). Your Rastafarian guide will share with you little known insights into the Bob Marley’s childhood and musical career. You’ll even have a chance to stand on “Mt. Zion Rock” (Bob’s meditation spot), rest your head on the “Pillow” (made famous in the song “Talkin Blues”). The highlight of the tour is of course walking through the beautiful mausoleum, Bob’s final resting place.

With Bob our Nine Mile tour will introduce you to a community that helped influence one of the greatest musicians of this century. It will leave you with a better understanding of a young man, whose vision helped change the thoughts of people worldwide. No small achievement for a man who often spoke of his respect for the simple ways of rural life. Respect that helped guides his life. Respect instilled during his youthful days in the small mountain village locals still call Nine Mile.

Entrance fees to Bod Marley Nile is $20.00

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