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Caribbean Luxury Hotels, A Normal Hotel In A Luxury Surrounding

What defines something as being luxury? Does luxury mean, purely something better and more comfortable than we are used to? The dictionary defines luxury as 'a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity'. So does this mean that when we talk about Caribbean Luxury Hotels we can expect something very close to pure indulgence as standard?

For many of us thinking of a Caribbean Luxury hotel is just a far off dream as much as the imaginary picture of pure white sands, crystal waters, warms breezes, palm trees and coconuts which accompany the destination. We know they exist but are far too out of reach by means of a normal holiday abroad.

For those of us who tend to have to make do with a holiday at a bed and breakfast on the English coast somewhere, the word Luxury is something of a myth and only for those which can afford it. It depends on how you define luxury.



For example if you have a holiday destination where the skies are nearly always blue, the sun is almost guaranteed to shine and the sea water is as warm as a bath surely this is luxury in itself and any hotel which would compliment this holiday luxury too?

This may be the reason why so many people are now choosing to have their weddings at a Caribbean destination, combining a holiday of a lifetime with the most important day of their lives, spending a week or two living the ideal Caribbean luxury hotel dream, being waited on hand and foot, being made to feel important as well as getting the most out of the more than accommodating climate.

In truth the Caribbean is not the only place to have luxury hotels; many destinations including England have hotels which provide the very best location and services for that area, providing you are prepared and able to pay for the luxury of staying in them.

The Caribbean however because of its location, climate etc has become renowned for being luxurious and this is why many of the hotels are known as Caribbean luxury hotels, and in reality are no more expensive than hotels elsewhere, it is what they are able to provide which makes them of this status.

There are few places on this earth where you can combine the best of everything on one doorstep, the idyllic image of picture postcard views direct from your bedroom window with private beaches as far as the eye can see and this is why they remain to be known as Luxury Caribbean Hotels.

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