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Vacations generally involve a lot of sight seeing and fine dining, but certainly there’s a whole lot more that a vacation serves you on a platter. No doubt, there are some tourist locations that don’t offer much apart from just sight seeing and cuisine, but Caribbean vacations are filled to the brim with some super exciting activities and adventures that no other vacations provide.

From sunbathing under the gentle sun on the beaches of Caribbean islands to a day in the rainforests with a local guide, from idle time spent laughing with the cheerful locals in a pub to some high voltage action at an adventure park, from visiting the glorious monuments epitomizing the history of the Caribbean islands to an evening of shopping and bargaining in the streets; Caribbean vacations present a new and refreshing flavour each day of the week, each week of the month.

It is remarkable that there is something absolutely magnetizing for all categories of vacationers on Caribbean vacations. Caribbean islands are all unique in their historical, natural, social and cultural fabrics. The island of Nevis presents a secluded heaven for newly wed couples. Love is in the air that blows across the face of this island. Honeymooners are greeted by the pampering sands of the beaches. From seaside bungalows to full blown resorts, tourists have a host of options when it comes to choosing an accommodation. Imagine enjoying a breezy afternoon nap with your beloved on a netted bed under the shade of towering palms in the back garden of a plantation hotel! And then soaking in the whispering winds on a seaside walk after a sumptuous candle light dinner. Quite naturally, visitors to the Caribbean islands foster eternal bonds with these parts of the world. And just in case you wish your Caribbean vacations to be absolutely private and secluded, you have many option of staying at private island resorts that ensure unadulterated and uninterrupted interaction with the spirit of the Caribbean islands for you and your partner.

Caribbean islands like Anguilla are natural treasures on Earth, and you can have a first hand experience of this on your Caribbean vacations. This island boasts of 33 equally inviting beaches with waters that sparkle like diamonds in the noon. It is an unforgettable sight to witness the hundreds and thousands of white shells glistening on the coasts of the Caribbean islands. You could consider staying at a beachside hotel to enjoy the sights and sounds all day long. Most of the beaches have shacks and bars alongside, and these add an entirely new dimension to the beach activity. Imagine sipping a glass of some Caribbean cocktail, absorbing the generous dose of lukewarm sunlight, hearing the lullaby of the gushing waters and then joining a group of youngsters dancing to the beats of a local band somewhere nearby! Caribbean vacations are your personal meetings with some of the most wonderful islands of the world, and before you’d realize, you would be addicted to the spirit of the Caribbean.

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