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Carnival in the Dominican Republic

Carnival_in_the_ Dominican _Republic 

Carnival, in the Dominican Republic, is a rich cultural event celebrated during the month of February and climaxes on or around the Dominican Independence Day, February 27th. During the celebrations, there are parades and competitions that occur every weekend, with each town offering their own twist to the festivities.  Although a large number of towns host their own incredible carnival parades, the more popular ones are:

Carnival Santo Domingo - It is only fitting that that the capital city has the grand finale carnival parade. Parades are also held each Sunday throughout February.

Carnaval Vegano - Carnival in La Vega - This celebration is held in the town of La Vega and is believed to be the oldest carnival celebration in the Americas. 

Carnaval Santiago - The streets Las Carreras, Beller and Francia host this massive carnival.

Carnaval Bonao - This carnival is held in the Park Central at La Villa de las Hortensias, which means the Town of the Hydrangeas. 

The Carnival in the Dominican Republic is truly amazing! Dance in the streets to the sound of merengue and bachata blaring from the massive speakers mounted on the trucks. March with o  ther revelers, some decked in their magnificent costumes and others covered in mud and oil.

The competition that accompanies the carnival celebrations also add to the lure of the event. There are many awards handed out and costume design and character presentations come together for the judging of the best groups for the Carnival. The winners of the local Carnival events, from the different towns, merge for this the grand competitions held in the capital, Santo Domingo.  The streets are flooded with colouful masks, costumes, floats and also masked dance groups who fuse to add to the excitement of the Carnival. There are always massive crowds on hand to watch and join in the carnival celebrations as the participants of the Malecon Parade showcase their costumes along the streets of Santo Domingo, under the watchful eyes of the Carnival King and Queen who are selected yearly.

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