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Atlantis Submarines

Welcome to Atlantis Submarines Grand Cayman

Atlantis _SubmarinesThe Cayman Islands are situated 450 miles south of Miami, Florida in the heart of the Caribbean. The crystal clear waters surrounding these special islands are world renowned for their rich marine life and there is no better way to experience this world than on the unique tours offered by Atlantis Submarines. The Atlantis harbor-front office is conveniently located in the capital city of George Town on Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands.

Caribbean : (866) 546-7820 


  Boatswain's Beach

Boatswain_ BeachBoatswain's Beach, the new home of Cayman's National Treasure - the Cayman Turtle Farm, is fast proving itself as the Island's next premier events venue. With 23 acres of scenic delight, Boatswain's beach will whisk you away from the ordinary! Hurry now to book your next event at Boatswain's Beach. Depending on the nature of your event, you can choose from different locations to stage it.

Boatswain's Beach is Cayman's largest land-based attraction, Boatswain's Beach hosts more than 500,000 visitors each year. Educational, cultural and entertainment programmes are consistently being created and updated to enhance the experience that can only be had at Boatswain's Beach. 


Queen Elizabeth ll - Botanic Park   


Butterfly Farm Cayman Ltd  

Botanic _Park - Queen _Elizabeth llWhen Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opened Grand Cayman’s only Botanic Park in 1994, only the Woodland Trail was complete. In the ensuing years, the grounds have grown and developed into the full fledged Botanic Park that is operating today.

Today, the Botanic Park is recognized as a world-class facility. Its annual Orchid Show is eagerly anticipated by floral enthusiasts throughout the country. And this year, the Botanic Park was invited to design an entry for the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. 


Butterfly _Farm _Cayman Imagine walking through a lush tropical rain forest amidst flowers and trees, ponds and a trickling waterfall with butterflies flying overhead and all around you in their own natural paradise. This is a dream come true at The Butterfly Farms in St Martin, St Thomas and Aruba. Within large meshed enclosures you can see hundreds of real exotic butterflies flying freely, with dozens of the most spectacular species from all over the world. You can also witness all stages of their life cycle from tiny egg to curious caterpillar and jewel like pupa. 

Caribbean Pirate  


Carson's Stingray City Tours. 

Caribbean_ PirateCaribbean Pirate is a family owned business located on historic Fort Street,
George Town, Grand Cayman. It is a pirate themed store and is a multi-faceted operation consisting of retail items, costume photography and Internet services. 

The retail section contains all the treasures of the seas no matter what your
desire. If your garments have been tattered after all your travels there is a fine selection of outfits for pirates of all ages and levels of enthusiasm. This also includes Caribbean Pirate's own line of specialty t-shirts, costumes and designer scarfs, which are all made in Cayman and you won't find any where else./ 


With over 31 years experience in the Tourism Industry, specializing in Land and Sea Tours. As a Caymanian, Carson Ebanks have always had our Tourism Industry best interest at heart. He has been known for his friendly personality and his great ambition. He is not only very knowledgeable  of his island and the marine, but he is also known to be an expert in the field of mechanics and with this expertise you will have a safe and enjoyable tour to Stingray City and Coral Gardens.
Address: P.O. Box 31712 Seven Mile Beach KY1-1207
Grand Cayman / Tel: 407-982-1685 / Carson's_ Stingray_ City_ToursFax: 345-769-1959

Pedro St. James "Pedro Castle" 


 Cayman Island National Gallery

Pedro _St._ James _Grand_CaymanDiscover the unique heritage and culture of Cayman via this lovingly restored window into the 18th century that’s only a 20-minute drive from George Town.

In the 1990s, the Government of the Cayman Islands purchased Pedro St. James and painstakingly restored the Great House to the splendor of its 18th century heritage.

Today, visitors can stroll through the imposing edifice with its period furniture and authentic artifacts to experience what life was like so long ago in Cayman’s history.
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(Closed Christmas Day)


The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands serves to promote and encourage the appreciation and practice of the visual arts, of and in the Cayman Islands. To this end, the National Gallery travels Caymanian art and artists abroad as well as having many fine international artists visit, exhibit and work in the Cayman Islands.

National _Gallery _of_ the _Cayman_ Islands

Little Cayman scuba divers Resort 


 Cayman Turtle Farm

Little_ Cayman _Beach _ResortThe perfect complement to Little Cayman 's outstanding scuba diving is Little Cayman Beach Resort's equally outstanding service and amenities. You'll find our team of international staff not only capable and professional but friendly and accommodating as well. We're happy to do anything we can do to make your Caribbean scuba diving vacation more enjoyable.


Cayman _Turtle_ FarmThe people of the Cayman Islands have a history tied to the turtle. In the 1600 and 1700's the Cayman Islands became a provisioning stop for vessels sailing the Caribbean because of an abundance of green sea turtles, which could be caught and kept alive on board as a source of fresh meat. Permanent settlements developed on the Cayman Islands in the seventeenth century and turtling became a means of income as well as providing a local source of food.

P.O. Box 812 West Bay | Grand Cayman
British West Indies | Tel: ( 345) 949-3894
Fax: ( 345) 949-1387

 Hell, Grand Cayman


Wheels Pedicab Service  

Hell_Grand_CaymanHell, Grand Cayman is a group of short, black, limestone formations in the northwest Grand Cayman town of West Bay. It is roughly the size of half a soccer field. People are not allowed in amongst the limestone formations but two viewing platforms exist for tourists. There are numerous versions of how Hell received its name, but they are generally variations on "a local official exclaimed, 'This is what Hell must look like.'"

Regardless of how it first came to be called Hell, the name stuck and the area has become a tourist attraction, featuring a fire-engine red hell-themed post office from which you can send "postcards from hell", and a gift shop with 'Satan' passing out souvenirs while greeting people with phrases like 'How the hell are you?' and 'Where the hell are you from.

West Bay
Grand Cayman, Georgetown, Cayman Islands
(345) 949-0623
949-6999 | 947-9462


Wheels _Pedicab _Service_1

Pedicabs are three-wheeled, 21-speed, custom coaches piloted and powered by a knowledgeable, trained, licensed and insured pedicab driver who can recommend a restaurant, point out a landmark, and entertain you with a story.

Special Services
Riding in a pedicab makes it easy for elderly or disabled persons to participate in group walks, tours, and other fun events and functions. To reserve a pedicab for door-to-door service or a private function, contact us. We recommend that you give us at least 24-hours notice for reserved-time pickups and leave a phone number so we can return the call and confirm the trip.

Brian Barnes, Managing Director
Phone: (345)947-2222
Fax: (345)947-2223
Gift Certificates: (345)916-7634


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