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Crown Point International Airport


Piarco International Airport

Crown _Point _International _Airport

 The Crown Point International airport is located on the southwestern most part of the island of Tobago, near the town of Canaan and 11 km from the capital, Scarborough. It was first opened in 1940 and a relatively small airport but houses an ATM facility and also a number of shops and cafes. The airport is within walking distance is the Crown Point Beach Hotel and offers wonderful accommodation for tourists and conference facilities for business travelers.

The airport and caters to the leisure and eco-tourism travel markets and also inter-island traffic from Trinidad. There das been rapidly expanding passenger traffic and new air linkages from Europe thus making travelling to the beautiful island of Tobago easy. The terminal at the airport is currently under-going development work and a set to make it more spacious and more comfortable for those using the terminal.

Piarco International Airport



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