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Finding The Best Discount Cruise Vacation Package

Even people who have never set foot aboard a cruise ship dream of being able to sail away for at least a few days on a relaxing cruise vacation. And, it's probably safe to say that most of these same people also dream about finding an amazing deal on cruise vacation packages that would make it possible for them to book that cruise. In this article there are several tips that can help you to find the best cruise deals on the market, so you can take your next vacation aboard ship.

Finding deals comes down to a combination of having a good strategy, being in the right place at the right time, and being able to take swift and decisive action to book hot deals when you find them. It is the principle of supply and demand that still rules when it comes to the rates. If the cruise lines have more ships out on the water than they are able to easily fill, then discount cruise travel deals start to appear. If they are enjoying quick bookings and people clamoring to get aboard, then the travel deals disappear and the prices start to climb.

Any time one of the cruise lines builds a new ship and puts it into service, they have a sudden increase in their passenger capacity, especially if the new ship is a "megaliner." This is a time when the cruise companies will offer special cruise deals to introduce people to the new vessel and to hopefully sell all accommodations. Additionally, the other companies will often lower their rates in order to stay competitive.

One of the best ways to enjoy hot deals on cruises is to be as flexible as possible with the category of ship and the type of cabin you are willing to book. It is also a good idea to book your cruise at least 90 days ahead of the departure date. For the best discount cruise travel deals, it is advisable to book four to six months ahead because the rates are generally lower when the ship is far from full capacity. However, if you can be super-flexible about when you can leave, then you might be able to find super hot deals on last minute travel.


When you are considering the available deals, be sure to remember that the rates for cruises include all your meals aboard ship, your on-ship entertainment, and most of the onboard activities such as movies, live shows, gym usage, games and sports, and dance classes. Some people are more than satisfied with all of the food, fun and activities that are included in the "all inclusive" price.

Whether you find cruise deals or pay full price, there are some additional costs that you should be aware of during your time on the floating hotel. For instance, you will be expected to tip the service staff which comes to about $10 per day in most cases. You will need to pay for beverages too, and this includes soda, bottled water and alcohol. As well, for special things like spa services, yoga or pilates classes, and shore excursions, there is an additional charge.


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