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 The Island Of The Eastern Caribbean


This is a map showing the islands present in the eastern Caribbean which includes both Windward and Leeward Islands.

map of the eastern caribbean 

Countries of the Eastern Caribbean

The eastern Caribbean has Nine countries.

Capital: The Valley Population: approximately 13,500 (2006 estimate).

Antigua & Barbuda
Capital: St. Johns Population: 82,000

Capital: Roseau Population: 72,500

St. Kitts and Nevis
Capital: Basseterre Population: 40,131

Capital: Basse-Terre Population: 405,500

British Virgin Islands
Capital: Road Town Population: 22,016

Capital: Plymouth Population: 4,488

St. Bart’s
Capital: Gustavia Population: 8,450

St. Martin
Capital: Phillipsburg Population: 72,892 

About The Eastern Caribbean

The Islands of the Caribbean were settled for over 4,000 years (estimate) before European arrival in 1492. The Eastern Caribbean islands were dominated by two main cultural groups, the Arawaks and the Kalinago, or Caribs. Individual villages of other distinct cultural groups were also present on the more southerly, larger islands. The large island of Trinidad in particular was shared by both Kalinago and Arawak groups.

Archaeological evidence suggests the Arawaks arrived first, settling the islands as they travelled north from the Orinoco River in Venezuela. The Kalinago, which proved to be more dominant in warfare, had begun a campaign of conquering and displacement of the Arawaks at the point of European arrival. Also starting at the South of the archipelago, they had worked their way up North, reaching as far as the island of Saint Kitts by the 16th century. The following lists the indigenous names for the islands of the Eastern Caribbean. The islands North of the Saint Kitts 'borderline' have their Arawak names, the islands South have their Kalinago names. The island of Barbados was uninhabited at the point of European arrival, but evidence suggests they followed the same pattern of displacement as witnessed on neighbouring islands, but was abandoned for unknown reasons. The only indigenous name on record is one documented as the name used by Arawak peoples on Trinidad in reference to it.


Freedom of the sea Caribbean 

The history of the Caribbean reveals the significant role the region played in the colonial struggles of the European powers since the fifteenth century. In the twentieth century the Caribbean was again important during World War II, in the decolonization wave in the post-war period, and in the tension between Communist Cuba and the United States (US). Genocide, slavery, immigration and rivalry between world powers have given Caribbean history an impact disproportionate to the size of this small region.

The islands of the Eastern Caribbean are closer to the United States, and because of this it's one of  the most popular routes for cruise ships in the Caribbean. Four and five night cruises visit Bahamas, St.Martin and other island, the cruise company will add longer cruises to other islands from other areas of the Caribbean. If you haven't cruised before, a short cruise through the eastern Caribbean might be the best to give you a feel for shipboard life.  

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