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Lloyd’s Guest House

lloyds guest houseLLoyd's Bed and Breakfast first opened its doors in July of 1959 as a ten room guest house by owner and manager David S. LLoyd. Mr. LLoyd, a general contractor, realized the need for Anguilla to have tourist accommodations during his years of involvement in the Federation of the West Indies in the late 50s and early 60s. Against the backdrop of no electricity, no telephone service and no restaurants on island, David S. LLoyd envisioned this establishment that heralded the dawning of Anguilla's now renowned tourism industry.
As the only place in town that offered rooms and meals to visitors, Lloyd's hosted many dignitaries and VIPs during the early years. Many regional leaders have enjoyed this Anguillian place of abode. It was in 1973 that LLoyd's provided catering services for the reception held in honour of the visit of Prince Charles.
LLoyd's Bed and Breakfast is a slice of Anguillian history and culture. The original architecture is intact and is a reflection of Caribbean elegance. A spacious living room segues into the dining room where guests from varied backgrounds and cultures mingle, a feat made easy by old-fashioned, family-style dining.
Despite the arrival of high end resorts in the 1980s, Lloyd's has remained refreshingly authentic; a nostalgic pause in a world that is ever changing.
Lloyd's Bed and Breakfast is ideally located in picturesque Lower Historic Valley: a stone's throw from the commercial center and a three minute walk to the closest beach.
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    * Limestone Bay
    * Secluded Little Bay
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Lloyd’s Guest House     
Box 52 The Valley