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Prospect Plantation-18th century estate

prospect plantation tour 

Experience a Journey in time

Take a Jitney Ride and experience a working Jamaican Agricultural 18th, Century Estate as you journey on the Plantation you'll hear stories and history of old.
You'll See the Magnificent White River Gorge, and many exciting Views of the island's North Coast.

You too will feel the thrill Columbus had when he first viewed the Island, as you sip a "Buccaneer Punch" at Sir Harold's Favorite View.
No doubt you will hear tales of the "Buccaneers" as you view the channel between the two Islands known as the "Spanish Main" this was the main route taken by ships en route to Spain from Central America.

Over the horizon, 90 miles away, on a clear day you will see Cuba. As you continue your journey, you will be amazed to see your guide climb a 30 foot Coconut tree. You'll sample some of our local fruits and hear the mystery behind the use our fruits._

Feed the Ostriches, stroll through Memory Liane.
Discover how many famous persons, Prime Ministers, and Celebrities have planted trees on their visit to the Prospect Estate.
~ Unforgettable display of our Native Jamaican Butterflies ~Taste the Famous Blue Mountain Coffee freshly roasted right in front of your eyes.
an unforgivable journey throught time.


 butterfly world

Butterfly World

A flower-filled garden aviary in the heart of an 18th century plantation estate is home to a world of exotic tropical butterflies.
Monarchs, Queens, Peacocks, Fritillary and more – fly tree in mature, sipping nectar from beautiful tropical blooms.

Experience a Jitney ride through the estate, feed the Ostriches, see magnificent views and hear stories of Old Jamaica.
A unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Prospect 18th century estate
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