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Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain

Bobsled Jamaica a 
Race through the forest on Bobsled Jamaica, the park’s signature attraction takes riders on a 1000m gravity driven ride in custom designed bobsleds. Accessible via Sky Explorer, Bobsled Jamaica will send you zooming on a thrilling ride through tropical landscapes on sleds that evoke Jamaica’s Olympic teams.
This totally unique experience is not to be missed! Positioned prominently at the park entrance and surrounded by wondrous natural beauty the rainforest sky explorer is a state-of-the-art chairlift that sends you soaring above the treetops to the Peak of Mystic Mountain. The descend carries you through the heart of the canopy, giving you firsthand glimpses of the wonders of the tropical seaside forest.  
This three-in-one package offers: the rainforest sky explorer, Bobsled Jamaica, and the popular zip line-Canopy tour. Once the sky Explorer carries you above the trees to the peak, both the Bobsled and Zip line will send you speeding through the heart of the forest. For fun, safe adventure, this comprehensive package is the best way to experience all of Mystic Mountain’s wonders.
Save time to visit the educational pavilion and Mystic Mountain Railway Station – this picturesque building offer stunning views from its lookout tower while the bar & restaurant serves contemporary Caribbean cuisine in a spectacular setting. On the ground level you can browse the gift shop and photo shop or lounge at the infinity pool.

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This tour is available from Traverse Jamaica Tour page
With free group transportation from Hotels and Cruise ship pier in Ocho Rios
Rates for Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica Mystic Mountain
Rates for Visitors
Sky Explorer $42.00
Sky Explorer & Bobsled $62.00
Sky Explorer & Zipline $105.00
Sky Explorer, Bobsled & Zipline $124.00
Rates for Locals
Sky Explorer $35.00
Sky Explorer & Bobsled $52.00
Sky Explorer & Zipline $86.00
Sky Explorer, Bobsled & Zipline $104
All prices are in USD and are subject to change, please contact you tour operator for final pricing.
Contact Information:
Lascells Broderick
JUTA Tour Driver
Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Telephone: (876) 892-8606
Fax: (876)795-4800