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With the world bound towards the breathtaking sceneries of the Southern Caribbean islands, it becomes that necessary that one actually knows as to exactly what constitutes this amazing part of the world. Neighbouring the South American mainland in the West Indies, the South Caribbean islands basically refers to a group of islands bound by St. Lucia in the north, Trinidad and Tobago in the south, and Barbados and Aruba in the east and west respectively.

The cultural threading of these islands is what makes them a coherent group. From their favourite sports to their favourite drinks, the people of the Southern Caribbean islands are one in their likes and dislikes, and this means that the social undercurrents pervading these regions act as a glue of sorts that bind the disparate islands into one big group. It would not be wrong to comment that Southern Caribbean islands present an inimitable sense of oneness. And this becomes all the more amazing when one considers that there is such a wide and vibrant history associated with almost every single island constituting the Southern Caribbean islands group.

Tourists to the Southern Caribbean islands are simply in awe of the fervent and lively nature of the residents of these islands. Whereas the islands of Grenada and St. Lucia have African cultural make up, Barbados is more like a European derivative. Though English remains the most widely spoken language in the Southern Caribbean islands, one could easily come across cheerful locals conversing in French creole and Dutch.
The Southern Caribbean islands are located right at the meeting point of the Atlantic and Caribbean tectonic plates, and this means that these islands are actually the tips of a volcanic mountainous range. This implies that the Southern Caribbean islands are faced with the gusty Atlantic winds, pretty much throughout the year. This has a telling impact on the climate of these islands. The rain laden winds have a momentous role in making the Southern Caribbean island one of the most preferred tourist getaways. The cruising industry relies heavily on the Caribbean bound ships, as these are among the most popular cruising destinations.
The lush greenery and fresh air of Southern Caribbean islands have become characteristic features that tourist look out for on any island location now a days. In addition, these islands are particularly well endowed in flora and fauna. Adventurous tourists always look forward to some scintillating jungle expeditions on their Sothern Caribbean island tours.

Southern Caribbean islands like Grenada and Barbados are bubbling with life and activity, and this adds another dimension to the delight that visitors get from their tours in these parts of the world. A game of cricket on the beach with the cheerful locals, a drink or two and some lively chit chat with people in the rustic yet bustling bars, tongue tickling cuisine at reasonable prices; there is certainly a lot more to Southern Caribbean islands than what meets the eye at the first glance. No wonders, these small islands have catapulted themselves right to the pinnacle of tourist destinations across the globe.

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