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The Rastafari Indigenous  Village – Montego Bay- Jamaica

The Rastafari_Indigenous_ Village – Montego _Bay_Jamaica The resounding Drums will welcome you to the Rasta Indigenous working Village in the cool Hills of Montgo Bay- River Gardens. Meet Villagers who are artisans, craftsperson's musicians and farmers.

Experience the Natural, spiritual, educational & cultural life from Jamaican Rastafarians, dance to the drumming as you are guided through the healing herbal garden, reason and chill with authentic Rastafarian family members, see and taste medicinal herbs and healing plants, gifts of nature, trees, and plants, the river, the lush and fertile earth they created a beautiful, idyllic authentic and mesmerizing feeling.
The Rasta Indigenous Village also carries a unique home-grown line of products - fashion, adornment, publications, aromatherapy, herbal goods and items promoting healthy living. Visitors can share with Rastafari Master Artisans in the production of unique pieces of art.

This tour is truly a unique experience

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