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  Tortuga Duty-Free Liquors & Bakery, Grand Cayman

Tortuga_ Rum_ Company

Tortuga Rum Company, Founded in 1984 is now the largest duty-free liquor business in the Cayman Islands. The Tortuga Rum Cake story began in 1987. It was at this time that the company's owners started baking rum cakes at home, using a family recipe that earned rave reviews from friends. Retail outlets are now located in several spots around Grand Cayman, including George Town next to the cruise ship docks and West End by the famous Turtle Farm, Cayman Airport and Duty free shops to name a few places. Both stock all the rum, rum cake, t-shirts and other souvenirs (including the locally made Cay-Puzzles) anyone could ever want. The Company offer free samples to visitors! See website for online shopping.

Tortuga_ Rum_ Company



Tortuga Rum Co (Factory) 949-7701 949-6322
Tortuga Duty Free Liquors & Bakery 949-8866 
Tortuga Duty Free Liquors (Fort Bldg) 949-2162 
Tortuga Duty Free Liquors (Cayside) 949-0757 
Tortuga Duty Free Liquors (Airport) 949-2258 
Tortuga Duty Free (Departures) 945-3482 
Tortuga Duty Free Liquors & Bakery
(West Bay - Turtle Farm) 949-9247 
Tortuga Liquors (The Greenery) 945-4442 
Tortuga Liquors (Bay Harbour Centre) 949-8769 
Tortuga Liquors (Selkirk Plaza) 945-7655 
Tortuga Liquors (Regency Court) 945-0588 

Tortuga Rum Co. Ltd
Tortuga Rum Avenue
Industrial Park
Georgetown, Grand Cayman
TEL: 345-949-7701
FAX: 345-949-6322


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