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Jamaica _SunsetSome of the most popular summer vacation plans almost always include Caribbean travel. The Caribbean islands, located in the Caribbean Sea just south of the Atlantic Ocean are among the most picturesque in the world. They are a favorite vacation haunt of people from the United States as well as Western Europe because they are very accessible.

There are Approximately 28 Major islands in the Caribbean. Some of them are individual countries unto their own and some are still part of another nation. The largest group of islands is those controlled by The Netherlands. This would include Aruba, among others. There is also British control of many of the islands, including the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Island the Islands St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John come under the Americans. French influence is also found in this part of the world, such as Martinique French and Dutch. Many of them, however, like Barbados, Jamaica, are their own country.

The Caribbean is border with Approximately 60 Continental countries with Caribbean coastlines and islands some Island and countries include Belize, Mexico, Cozumel, Colombia, Costa Rica, French Guiana, Guanaja, Roatán, Cayos Cochinos Plus others.
During any Caribbean travel, you should be aware of the island and the customs of the inhabitants. Be aware of the currency that they use and the language that they speak. Because of the large influx of American tourism, most of the tourist areas on the islands speak English and English is often the national language of the islands, especially those that are British and American controlled.

American citizens can go to any of the islands with the exception of Cuba, which is the largest of the Caribbean islands. American citizens need a passport to go to any island that is not controlled by the United States, although it is a good idea to get a passport anyway as you may wish to island hop.
There is much to see and do on any Caribbean travel destination, The weather in the summer is hot and tropical. Next to Florida, the Caribbean is the number one vacation destination for US travelers. The people are very laid back and friendly and there are resorts that cater to just about every lifestyle. Whether you want a couple's only resort such as the Sandals resorts or one for the family link the Riu chain of Hotels, you can find it in the over twenty eight  islands in the Caribbean.

Many of the Caribbean island resorts are all inclusive. This means that your meals and entertainment are included along with your room. Entertainment can include just about anything, including the popular snorkeling and scuba diving can be including if offered by the hotels. Tours and Shore excursions are generally not including in an all inclusive vacation package, this package will however include Airport transfer, all meals Drinks and liquors, entertainment ETC.

Brides who want to get married on the beach will not find a better opportunity at a more economical price. If you live in the Eastern or Midwestern United States, you will find that traveling to the Caribbean and even taking close friends and family for a beach wedding may be cheaper than having a reception on the mainland.

Certain Caribbean travel specials are offered especially for group travel. They specialize in-group needs and offer discounted deals. Discounts could be available for travel, lodging, Transportation and dining. Caribbean travel specials are innovative holiday packages with special discounted rates, amenities and benefits for specific travel plans, which at other times of the year are considered to be regular plans. Critics consider travel specials to be competitive and effective marketing strategies that are used by travel companies to vie for customers. These prove to be beneficial for tourists as they make available travel plans at economic rates and numerous travel benefits when reserved through reputed companies.
If you have never yet indulged in any Caribbean travel, this is the time to do it. During the summer months, you can get a good rate on accommodations and you will never find a friendlier group of people than the natives.