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The mere thought of reclining on a comfortable chair at the side of a beach on one of the world’s well known tropical getaways, listening to the soothing sounds of the vibrant and pristine waters gliding over the powdered golden and white sand is revivifying to the soul, just imagine the sheer ecstasy that an actual visit to any of such tropical getaways would yield. The Caribbean islands are your dream destination in case the abovementioned thoughts manage to make you all excited and bubbling. But there’s a slight concern. There are thousands of such tropical getaways that you’d have to choose from!

Really it is a pretty tough job trying to hone in on a couple of Caribbean islands for your dream vacation to some inviting tropical getaways. It is hard to shortlist a few from the list of almost 7,000 Caribbean islands, and this becomes all the more difficult when seen in the light of the fact that most of these islands present the charms that one expects from the tropical getaways of the world. Thankfully, a few of the Caribbean islands have come up on the tourist maps as particularly well suited tropical getaways in the past decade or so.

Jamaica hardly needs any introduction, even to the first time travellers. There is hardly a possibility that any travel magazine would overlook Jamaica while discussing the best tropical getaways and Caribbean islands in the world. The island of Jamaica is a superlative blend of the weathers and vegetations. The natural beauty of this island is almost overwhelming to the eyes. The spirited groups of tourists chattering on the beaches of Jamaica and strolling through the streets of the island add a whole new sense of life to this part of the world. 

The Caribbean islands of the Grenadines also make a strong case for your family’s coveted trip to a tropical getaway. With as many as 32 islands and cays to explore, you would never fall short of words to admire the varied landscapes that meet your eye every other hour. The serenity and silence of the mornings of the Caribbean islands take no time to translate into cheers and hollers of laughter of excited tourists as the day progresses. The availability of some of the world’s best accommodation facilities in the resorts of the Grenadines also adds to the prospects of the tourism industry here.

The British Virgin Islands are also equally inviting for people trying to zero in on the best tropical getaways of the world. With all sorts of adventure sporting activities lined up, the more excitable tourists do not need second invitations to pack their bags for these Caribbean islands. Apart from the beaches and resorts, the cultural richness of the Caribbean islands also plays a major role in making these parts of the world the centre of global tourism industry. Truly, the Caribbean islands are right at the top of the ladder as the leading and most popular tropical getaways on the globe.

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