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  Jamaica's Weather & Climate

Travelers visiting Jamaica can be assured of sunny days and cloud-free skies throughout most of the year. The weather patterns you'll encounter in Jamaica can vary dramatically around the island. Regardless of when you visit, the tropical climate and warm temperatures of Jamaica essentially guarantee beautiful weather during your vacation.


Average temperatures in Jamaica range between 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius-2 degrees Celsius), with July and August being the hottest months and February the coolest. Temperatures in Jamaica generally vary approximately 10 degrees from summer to winter. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for winter in Jamaica to be slightly cooler, especially at the higher altitudes. In the mountains, temperatures can dip to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius).jamaica map



The rainiest weather in Jamaica occurs in May and June and again in October and November and can sometimes extend into December. While the average annual rainfall is 50.7 inches, accumulation varies dramatically across the island. In contrast to the southwestern coast of Jamaica, which receives little rain and is often classified as semi barren, the eastern (windward) coast receives considerably more rain than anywhere else on the island. For the most part when it does rain in Jamaica, showers are short, heavy and followed by sunshine.



Jamaica’s weather patterns can vary dramatically around the island. The weather is general hot and makes it ideal for vacationers visiting the island for a great sun-tan and warm seas. However, the distribution of rainfall is quite uneven across the island You may want to grab a map of Jamaica to find your bearings . The southwestern coast of the island is referred to as semi barren and receives very little rain Mandeville and Treasure Beach are located in this region The eastern coast of Jamaica is the windward coast and receives the most rain on the island This is where. The breathtaking environment and classic Jamaican elements are what make Negril a great start for exploring the island.

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