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With as many Caribbean islands to choose from and each equally mesmerizing as the other, finalizing a destination for your Caribbean vacations is not an easy task. That said, not everybody is lucky enough to get the chance of flying to the Caribbean islands for the journey and tour of a lifetime.


For those who are lucky enough, what awaits is a pure heaven of crystal clear waters splashing against the golden sands of some of the most stunning beaches of the world. Each of the Caribbean islands exudes a characteristic charm and unfailingly succeeds in creating a lasting impression on the heart and soul of the visitor.

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US Virgin Islands draws thousands of tourists from all corners of the world. If you want to holiday in the picturesque Caribbean Islands, you can significantly reduce the cost of your Caribbean vacation by opting for one of the holiday packages on offer. These often include bookings at some of the finest Caribbean hotels, meal plans and a pre-designed tour itinerary. Travel agents, as well as a number of US Virgin Islands Vacation Hotels, offer these packages. You can check out the official website of the hotel you would like to stay in while holidaying in US Virgin Islands to see if they offer similar packages.

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The Caribbean

The CaribbeanThe Caribbean is a fascinatingly beautiful part of the world spread over 7,000 islands along with an equally large number of cays and islets. Some might have a better sense of recognition of the Caribbean islands under the name of West Indies. Full article

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean IslandsIt certainly is a specialist’s job trying to put together the perfect geographical description of the Caribbean islands. Extending from the eastern side of the Mexican Gulf just below the Straits of Florida to the west side of the Atlantic Ocean, Full article

What are the Caribbean islands

What are the Caribbean islandsThere is so much of buzz going around the tourism industry about the rapid leaps of the Caribbean islands that the naive` and first time travellers are bound to ask - What are the Caribbean islands? In the simplest geographical terms, Full article

Caribbean Island vacations

Caribbean Island vacationsA vacation is a break from the monotony of life, and a vacation to the islands of the Caribbean is a highway to an entirely new perspective to life! Truly, it is amazing to note the difference in the whole feel of a vacation when one visits these parts of the world. Full article

Caribbean Resorts

Caribbean ResortsAmong the host of unique and exclusive features of Caribbean islands such as pure and crystal clear water bodies and golden brown powder sands of the beaches, there is another little fact that has spelt wonders for the tourism industry of the CaribbeanFull article

Tropical Getaways

Tropical GetawaysThe mere thought of reclining on a comfortable chair at the side of a beach on one of the world’s well known tropical getaways, listening to the soothing sounds of the vibrant and pristine waters gliding over the powdered golden and white sand is revivifying to the soul, Full article

Largest Caribbean Island

Largest Caribbean IslandThe Caribbean islands are varied in practically all geographical aspects, right from the terrestrial size to the terrains. Some Caribbean islands barely classify as distinct land masses, whereas others are sufficiently well endowed in land resources to be regarded as island nations.  Full article

Caribbean Vacations

Caribbean VacationsVacations generally involve a lot of sight seeing and fine dining, but certainly there’s a whole lot more that a vacation serves you on a platter. No doubt, there are some tourist locations that don’t offer much apart from just sight seeing and cuisine, but Caribbean vacations are filled to the brim with some super exciting activities and adventures that no other vacations provide. Full article

Eastern Caribbean Islands

Eastern Caribbean IslandsThe world is full of some absolutely stunning geography. The human sense of aesthetics is simply blown away by the sheer scale and beauty of such locations. Among these, islands have been the eye candies for adventurous and fun loving tourists from across the globe.  Full article

Southern Caribbean Islands

Southern Caribbean islandsWith the world bound towards the breathtaking sceneries of the Southern Caribbean islands, it becomes necessary that one actually knows exactly what constitutes this amazing part of the world. Neighbouring the South American mainland in the West Indies, Full article

Western Caribbean Islands

Western Caribbean islandsWhen it comes to compiling the unique features of Western Caribbean islands, even the most concise of travel guides would span over hundreds of pages, so vast is the menu of wonders of these islands. The Caribbean lands are among the most culturally diverse of the world, Full article


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Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica: Come explore indigenous heritage, stunning waterfalls, lush natural reserves and the wealthy seabed to the tempo of reggae - all from the luxury setting of the Riu five-star, all-inclusive Ocho Rios Jamaica resort. The sandy coastlines, enclosed with palm trees and bathed in clear waters, are the flawless location for enjoying Jamaican savoir-vivre.

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